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I promise this will be the last part and won’t bore you with more about our stay at Kokuya, but just look at the pic, how could you not ramble about this tranquil gorgeous little town? After an amazing Kaiseki 8 courses dinner, and a good night sleep, it’s time to pack our bags and ready to move on to our next destination. But first thing first, breakfast time! 😛


Soon we found ourselves in the cosy dining room again, but only this time all the colorful plates and bowls in various sizes are already spread across the table. Our friendly lady came in later with two glasses of sparkling fruit juice and joking around asking us whether we had a good night sleep on the futon.


The traditional Japanese breakfast is a nice change from the so-called western style breakfast with plastic bacon and sausages. The japanese breakfast is a lot healthier as well in my opinion. We both had a bowl of steamed rice, and lots of side dishes to go with it.



This is probably one of the most elaborate Japanese breakfast I’ve had. The pickled vegies are neatly stacked, the tofu is slowly simmering in the hot pot, the half-boiled egg is smooth and can almost swallow whole, it is going to be a hearty satisfying meal. We finished the meal with fresh persimmons on a uber cute bunny plate.

Sadly is also the time to check out.


The friendly staff at Kokuya kindly offering us a leave to the train station which we were much appreciated. We had some spare time to kill, so we decided to had a walk around the street for one last time before heading over to train station. When we arrived back at the ryokan, Okamisan (the manageress) was already there ready to see us leave. She then handled over a small parcel of hand-made rice cakes, thanking us for staying at her ryokan.


It was totally unexpected, and extremely nice of her for the kind gesture. We had the rice cakes on the shinkansen way back to Nagano. The trip into the Japanese alps, seeing the monkey, soaking in the hot bath, tasting the exquisite kaiseki are all wonderful; but is the small gesture like receiving the rice cakes from Okamisan herself that makes the whole trip unforgettable.

Kokuys in Shibu Onsen, we will be back.

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