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Do you have a KitKat when you have a break? I usually don’t but not until I saw my friend Y posted all the variations of KitKat you can get in Japan.  So I set myself a mission while in Japan – try as many different kind of KitKat in Japan as I could find.

All these different kinds of KitKat are not always available as they are realeased for limited time only. And some flavour will only be available at certain regions using local produce. No doubt why KitKat is so popular in Japan with so many flavours to choose from. Another reason for its popularity is because parents and children are buying them for school examination days as a good luck charm. It is because the name KitKat also shares a similarity with Japanese phrase kitto katsu, which roughly translates to “You will surely win!”


kitkat4 kitkat6 kitkat3

I was lucky enough to be able to find 5 different variations when I was there. Three of them are the regional specialties KitKat – Kyoto Uji Maccha (Green Tea), Shinshu Ringo (Apple), and Kyoho Budo (Grapes). They are ¥840 (AUD$14) per box with 12 mini KitKat inside.

The Kyoto Uji Green Tea KitKat is widely available in Osaka and Kyoto. It has no cocoa content but instead of white chocolate and green tea, hence the green color. It is milky and creamy, with a hint of green tea. If you are a green tea fan, then this is for you.

The Kyoho Grapes and the Shinshu Apple KitKat look just like the normal KitKat from outside, but the flavour is unbelievable good!!! Strangely the Kyoho grape KitKat tasted a bit like the Ribena drink. Nothing wrong with that since I love Ribena. It is addictive. And the Shinshu Apple flavour is a clear winner among all three. You can instantly smell the sweetness once you take it out from the wrapper. It is so sweet and just melt in your mouth. Me love you long time!


Then, I also had a little packet of Kit Kat during the Shinkansen journey. Okay, this one is nothing special. It is called KitKat Little, which is just original KitKat, but comes in bite size. Well you gotta have something sweet after the meal to keep yourself busy on the long journey right?


Then, there is the banana flavour KitKat which was found by Mr P at the mall while I was in excruciating pain at the Tattoo studio. The banana version is like the little KitKat version, bite size goodness. I found the banana KitKat is very airy compare to the others.


Looks like I am still a long way to go to try out all these different kinds of KitKat. If you look closely, 4th row… Soy Sauce flavour? Hmm…. I am intrigued! Anyone fortunate enough to taste the Soy Sauce KitKat, let me know.