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If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, then this festive rum ball will be everyone’s BFF this Christmas. Every year around festive season, it has become a tradition for me and Mr D to get together, sit down and make a massive batch of rum balls to give it to relatives and friends. There’s no exception this year, we spent the whole Saturday afternoon, rolling yummy rum balls. Two hands make light work, especially when comes to decorating the rum balls as we need to work fast because the white chocolate set rather quick.

The Christmassy decorations on the rum balls are always different every year, and this year probably the best decoration by far. I drizzled the rum balls with white chocolate as the melting snow, then topped with a Jaffas candy as the little mistletoe with green leaf cut from Snake Jelly lollies. Few edible silver cachous as the final touch for that little extra Christmas feel.


This is s0 so so so so simple to make and if you want to impress your friends with this oh so beautiful yet tasty rum balls, then follow my “no-fail” guaranteed recipe here. Just keep it a secret and don’t let your guests know how easy it is to make these rum balls and let them admiring your creativity and be the superstar among the crowd this festive season.


Ingredients (make around 80 rum balls)

1. 3 dark fruit cake from supermarket (1kg each)
2. 1 bottle 250ml Rum (any brand will do)
3. 500g cooking white chocolate chips
4. 1 bag of Jaffas candy
5. 1 bag of Allen’s Snake jelly candy (we need the green snakes ony)
6. silver cachous


1. Crumble the fruit cake into a large bowl, try to break the big lumps into smaller bits.
2. Pour some rum slowly into the mixture.
3. Use both hands and mix the rum and cake thoroughly.
4. drizzle more rum while keep mixing into the cake and make sure all cake are covered in rum until a nice moist texture, but not too wet.
5. Scoop a spoonful of the mixture into your palm and roll them into the size of a golf ball.

To decorate
6. Cut the green Snakes jelly diagonally to form a leaf shape.
7. Melt white chocolate over simmering hot water. Then let it set aside to cool down a little.
8. When the white chocolate has thicken a little, spoon a dollop on top of the rum balls and let it drip down on the side.
9. Top it with a Jaffas Candy. Then put 2 green leafs on the back of the Jaffas.
10. Decorate with some silver cachous.
11. Once filled up a tray of rum balls, put it in the fridge and let the white chocolate to set.


1. Keep the rum balls in an air tight container in the fridge to seal the rum flavour in or else it will be evaporated. It also helps to keep the rum balls moist and won’t dry out.
2. Before taking to party, make sure take it out of the fridge few hours prior and let it set to room temperature. It will help to release the rum flavour and the rum balls will soften up, just nice to eat.
3. Sprinkle some icing sugar on top for that little extra snowy touch.