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You probably thinking why there is a dog doing on a foodblog!? This is my dog, her name is Amelie. I am probably bias, but isn’t she the cutest girl in the world?! If you are a dog lover, you would understand how difficult it is to go vacation and leave your dog behind. She is a dog, but is also a family member.

So I brought back a little pressie for my dog, Amelie, and she totally had no idea what it is… Just look at her intriguing-face thinking “what the?”

Can you guess?


It is a Dog Chops lollipop! Yes! A lollipop for dogs! Strange? Weird? Well, only in Japan they can think of such idea. I was intrigued… so I bought one for Amelie.


The dog chops is air tight sealed, poor Amelie can’t figure out what it is, as there is no scent or any odor from the packaging. I actually also forgot to declare the Dog Chops for Australian Custom, but I am 99.9% sure they will confiscate it as there is meat content in the chops (or chups). So, lucky me!

It is bit difficult to tell what it is made of from the Japanese wrapper, but I figured there is beef on the Chops, and the stick is made of cow hide. And I am not sure I want to do a taste test either, so I will just take it is delicious from Amelie’s expression.


She sniffs, she licks, and once you lick, you can’t stop! (hmm.. doesn’t rhyme). It is funny to see those eyes half-closed in satisfaction while licking the Dog Chops.


“Look at me! Ain’t I the coolest chick in the hood!?” She woofs proudly, sucking the Dog Chops with the stick hanging out on the side of her mouth.


The Dog Chops is ¥380 (AUD$6.50) each, and they comes in different flavours too. It is not cheap, but just the look on her face while chewing the Dog Chops, it is totally worth it. Don’t you think?