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“Cheers!”– a contagious chant and the clinking sound of wine glasses are still ringing in my ears from this year Terrigal Food and Wine Fair. This event also marked a year since I moved up to Central Coast. We were informed by the real estate agent about this event last year while inspecting the new home we going to move into. So we went to check it out and we really enjoyed ourselves. This year, we are really looking forward to the event, and our friend from Sydney even decided to come up for the weekend and join us a fun day with food and wine, and more wine.

The annual Terrigal Food and Wine Fair is held at Terrigal Haven. White tent stalls all lined up along the Esplanade with the picturesque Skillion overlooking the ocean as backdrop, talk about being dramatic. It is absolutely a perfect outdoor setting with sunshine and sea breeze, to indulge yourself with live music, delicious food and fine wine.

When we arrived at the Esplanade, there was a $2 entry fee which I thought is a bit thick for an outdoor event like this. Nonetheless, we are here for a good time, so in we went. There are many wineries there to choose from, all you need is a “souvenir” wine glass which costs $5, and you are set to go stall by stall and taste all the variety of wine for merely $1, or for a full glass from $3 to $8. Too good to be true!

Our first stop for some refreshing sparkly is from the Savannah Estate. They are a very small boutique but also the brainchild of the renowned Petersons Family Winery in Hunter Valley Wine Country NSW. (Their Sparkling Moscato is to die for!) That’s what I love about this fair – no big names, all local small boutique wineries. They all come out to play and show off their secret stashes of small run exquisite wine. Then the second sparkly we tried is from the self-claimed award winning best champagne, RidgeView Wines, at $8 a glass. It is definitely a nicer champagne, gives me a good mouthful of fizzy bubbles, with a sweet honey taste lingers in the palate. Drinking two glasses of sparkly at noon with an empty stomach is not a good idea. It didn’t take long for me to feel fuzzy-headed, and we all agreed is time to look for some food.

I am not sure how it all started, but somehow there are two kind of food stalls is almost become a compulsory for every single outdoor event – Turkish Gozleme is one, and Dutch Poffertjes is the other. You just simply can’t avoid them. But we decided to try something a little bit different. Majority went for the German sausages stall, and ordered a Bratwurst, a Weisswurst and a Kransky.

I had a bit of wander around myself and ended up at the last food stall, which is running by a friendly African lady, promoting her authentic Ghanaian cuisine. She urged the crowd to try her Jellof Rice, which served with Lamb, Chicken or Beans and spinach. I had a chuckle when I overheard a school girl asking the lady whether there is any soy sauce were used in the dishes. Gen, the stall leader, I presumed that’s her name (because is written on the sign – Gen’s Jellof Rice), was very polite and explained to her they don’t get soy sauce in a poor country like Ghana, and only used Chilli and Tomato in the dishes. I helped myself with some of the tasting cups and Gen kindly offering me a dash of the chilli sauce, which is a mix of blended chillies and tomatoes puree. Gen won my heart over with her friendliness, so decided to order the Jellof rice with lamb, but she even insisted that I should try a bit of everything and gave me a generous portion of the chicken and also the beans & spinach. I have no trouble with the Jellof rice since I love my spicy food. It is a very mild spicy food, paired perfectly with a nice glass of rose from the di Lusso estate, at Mudgee. They are the only winery from Mudgee at the fair. Let just say, I think I have discovered a new found love.

We spent a few good hours at the fair, tried many different food, and yes we even surrendered to the Turkish Gozleme and the Dutch Poffertjes in the end. And of course, a few more glasses of sweet dessert wine to end our gastronomical fun-filled day.

We will be back next year!