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Mr Hynes: “M***** B** is coming back!”
Me : “Wot’s that?”
Mr Hynes: “The ice cream… best ice cream ever…”
Me: “Never heard of”
Mr Hynes: “You might not have been here yet, stopped making them early 90’s”
Me: “Isn’t the same as Maxibon?”
Mr Hynes: “Noooooo! Maxibon’s are gross compared to M***** B**! The biscuit is all wrong!”

(the conversation continues with Mr Hynes raving about his childhood love for this ice cream)

Yep, you guessed it right…

Monaco Bar Is Back!

(It even said so on the packaging itself)

Despite my ignorance of this ice cream sandwich, it seems to be a big hit back in the 80s here in Australia. The aussies loved this ice cream so much, they even formed an alliance by signing the petition to bring Monaco Bars back, and they succeeded!

The Monaco Bars are finally released this month and currently you can only get them at 7Eleven, but will be widely available by end of the year. Hence, tonight I decided to drop by the local 7Eleven, and got myself four of these Monaco Bars, for a thorough taste test, to find out what the fuss is all about.

I took the bars out of the freezer and started having their photo session as per usual. I tried to act as fast as possible before the ice cream starting to melt. By the time I finished the photoshoot and opened the wrapper, the ice ceam is just nice and soft. On the first bite, the biscuit is a little firmer than the maxibon, and the silky smooth ice cream just oozes out from the side.

“Mmm….” It is good I thought to myself.

The biscuit is not too crumbly like a real biscuit, but I do prefer it to be a little bit softer like the Maxibon. But it has a great chocolate flavour that makes you almost forgot about it is a biscuit. The ice cream, is really really creamy, smooth and airy just like the Viennetta ice cream. It does get messy half way through when the ice cream starting to melt.

Good things don’t come cheap. The Monaco Bar costs $3.00 at only a ¾ of the size of Maxibon, it is a bit steep and an expensive indulgence. But I am sure it won’t stop the Monaco Bars’ lovers to rush out and get some to revive their childhood memories. As for a Monaco Bar’s virgin like me, I am totally converted and it becomes one of my new favorites.

Now I just need to search all the nooks around the house to fetch enough gold coins, so I can go out and get another bar.

Go on, you know you want to.