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This is a fairy tale and the story goes like this,

“Once upon a time, there was an old grumpy oaky fellow called Wine. He’s been living in the dark cellar (they called the cellar ‘garage’ in modern days) for more than 6 years with his other old friends, some are white, but most are not-so-white. As time goes by, he is getting more and more frustrated because some of his friends left the cellar one after another are leaving him behind. His boredom is getting onto his nerves, so he decided to make new friends.

Wine has a close friend and her name is called Pepato, and she is from rural Australia. She is very young compare to Wine, you would think Pepato probably only a few months old from her outlook. Despite her young age, she is full of characteristics and with explosion of personalities. Pepato is nice and silky smooth on her skin, with lots of black peppercorn freckles (or moles) which add a piquant flavour when she walks past. At mature age, Papeto can be quite firm and textured. Even though her favorite sport is to dive into a hot pan, she proves to be just as popular on table with a few of her funny friends; what a cracker!

Wine likes to be a friend with Pepato, because wine himself is old, grumpy, oaky and with a dry sense of humour, and on the other hand, Pepato is stimulating, attractive, and can be quite cheeky with a sharp tongue. However, their extreme personalities clashes sometimes and can be quite hard to swallow. Wine is also quite jealous of Pepato always hanging out with her other friends too often.

Then one day, Wine came up with a cunning idea. He invited all Pepato’s friends (more like enemies that he likes to punch, knead and roll!) around and have a party in the mixing bowl. One by one, the mates arrive at the mixing bowl:

A cup of flour arrives first and straight into the bowl. Baking soda powder comes later in her teaspoon size. Then the salt, cracked pepper, chives, chilli flakes arrive one after another, and Wine gives each of them a good pinch. The egg arrives last, but he is a clumsy fella. He falls over and cracks himself open, and make a big mess in the bowl. Little did they know it was a trap, Wine quickly round them up, drizzle them with olive oil and started mixing them, kneading them and punching them all together! Then he pulls this way… and that way… and flattened them out with a rolling-pin. Wine then got rid of the crime scene and threw them into the hell of fire, which is already scorching hot at 200 degree Celsius!

Then, Wine invited Pepato over for dinner as usual. When Pepato arrives, she can smell this amazing aroma coming out from the hell of fire. Suddenly this golden brown piece of unleavened bread popped out from the hell of fire, piping hot! Pepato was intrigued who he was. Wine quickly tried to cover his evil deed, and introduced Pepato to the unleavened bread as his new friend, “This is my new friend, the Chives, Chillies & Cracked Pepper Unleavened Bread,” says Wine.

“Quite a mouthful, and you do smell familiar” says Pepato. That’s not really his name (we will never find out), simply because Wine couldn’t come up with an original name while under pressure.

Surprisingly, little did Wine know that what he has done actually patches up the friendship between him and Papeto. That night, all three of them spent hours mingled on the table, got to know each other better, with the Chives, Chillies & Cracked Pepper Unleavened Bread as the middle man to harmonise the situation.

From that night onwards, everything has turned better. There is no more argument between Wine and Papeto. Wine still keeps inviting Papeto’s friends over for a party in the mixing bowl, and keeps turning them into a new Chives, Chillies & Cracked Pepper Unleavened Bread friend to entertain Papeto.

They all live happily ever after since…

~The End~