The road to ‘YES’!

"If you could do one thing, anything at all, what would it be?” For me, I will embark on an epic journey for the next 8 days.

Paddock to Plate with Jacob’s Creek in Barossa Valley

I teamed up with Jacob’s Creek to work on their new ‘Made by’ campaign. Made By is a new campaign by Jacob’s Creek celebrating the people, places and passions that go into crafting every bottle of Jacob’s Creek wine.

Things to do, see and eat in Alishan, Taiwan

I never thought I would be visiting this ‘magical’ place in my lifetime, and yet, here I am. And I am glad Alishan doesn’t disappoint, it is truly a piece of heaven on earth.

Food Photography Tutorial 1 – White Balance

So for the first tutorial, I want to talk about the most common dilemma we all face while taking photos in a dimly lit restaurant. That's right, those photos that turned out to be dark, hideous, yellow and unusable.